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Anne Weisbord, president


“Of all the decisions an executive makes, none is as important as the decisions about people because they determine the performance capacity of the organization.”--Peter F. Drucker

Do you stay awake at night thinking how you can:

  • Get your managers to really manage?
  • Improve productivity?
  • Project a more professional image?
  • Retain your best and brightest?
  • Improve customer satisfaction?
  • Develop the best leaders?
  • Improve communication?
  • Make effective, compelling presentations?

If you are concerned about any of the above, want to be the best and get the most out of your staff while providing a high quality work environment, CAREER SERVICES UNLIMITED (CSU) can help.

Since 1990, Career Services Unlimited has been helping organizations and individuals achieve their professional development goals through creative, high-energy training and coaching. We focus on improving communication, presentation skills, work life quality, leadership and productivity. Whether you are a profit or non-profit, you can benefit from our highly acclaimed  training programs and coaching sessions focused on the needs of your people, your business, and your culture.

Anne Weisbord, president and founder of CSU, works with her clients to understand the culture of the organization and the levels and needs of participants in order to develop custom-designed programs.  Through coaching, workshops, webinars or teleconferences, employees have the opportunity to bring about positive changes which can provide them with more energy and focus in their jobs. Clients gain a greater confidence in their abilities as well as the practical tools necessary to put their learning into practice.



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