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Coaching is an interactive, interpersonal, action-oriented process that helps individuals take their personal/professional lives to the next level. According to the International Coach Federation, “clients set better goals, take more action, make better decisions, and more fully use their natural strengths” as a result of professional coaching. Whether for retention or remediation, individual coaching allows the coachees to work on either jumping hurdles that impede growth or developing new skills. For example, leaders can hone the art of leadership, learning new methods to inspire or motivate employees or present themselves in a more persuasive, effective manner

Why do organizations use coaching?  A survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in the U.K. discovered organizations use coaching to:

·         Improve individual performance

·         Deal with under performance

·         Improve productivity

·         Enhance career planning/personal development

·         Grow future senior staff

·         Foster a culture of learning and development

·         Motivate staff

We meet with our clients to determine their major issues, analyze issues, set goals and design an individualized program that will be responsive to their needs. We help clients achieve confidence as speakers, build their leadership skills and become more successful in their positions

 Why might you hire a coach for an employee?

  • To help an employee with  a challenge, goal or opportunity 
  • To help an employee fill a gap in knowledge, skills, confidence, or resources
  • To develop persuasive and assertive communication skills
  • To alleviate anxiety related to presentations, difficult conversations, or other interpersonal situations
  • To help a leader improve management, communication and motivational skills
  • To develop confidence as a public speaker
  • To better manage work and life balance 
  • To work on interpersonal relationships  
  • To provide support following training




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