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Effective Presentation Seminars

One of the best ways to gain greater visibility in an organization and prestige among one's colleagues is through public speaking.  Indeed, every opportunity to speak before others is an opportunity to build personal professionalism, which in turn enhances the professionalism of the company.

Yet, many companies seem to believe speaking expertise is innate.  They expect their people to be confident, competent communicators without the benefit of training.  This short sighted perspective leads many executives down the road to communication anxiety.

The Effective Presentations Seminar
helps participants develop specific skills and techniques for speaking in public.  It can be designed in several formats to accommodate the client's availability and needs; however, the most popular design is a two day program in which every participant gives a 10-12 minute presentation on day one. These speeches are videotaped, replayed and thoroughly analyzed, focusing on substance and image.  On day two the participants give the presentation again making use of the feedback from the first taping.  The improvement is usually dramatic and motivational.  The sense of accomplishment acts as an impetus to continue to develop the skill.

 Participants will learn:

         How to evaluate their speaking skills.

         How to manage communication anxiety.

         How to use effective nonverbal behaviors.

         How to maximize vocal delivery.

         How to prepare, organize and deliver a successful presentation.

         How to employ persuasive strategies.

         How to analyze an audience.

         How to use PowerPoint effectively.

         How to field tough questions.



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